Clown The World


Clown The World is Andrew Scharff, performing in as many places as possible for as many people as possible, with the simple goal of spreading laughter and connecting different people through the international language of physical comedy and circus.

After two successful tours in 2016 and 2017 that spanned 9 countries with over 40 shows for over 4000 people, Andrew is hoping to continue in 2019 with another tour in South America.  Together with the help of his logistician/photographer Vanessa, Andrew is hoping to perform in a few, yet to be determined countries. Just like in the past, those performances could be for a local school, an orphanage, in a local community center, as a fund raiser for a local charity, or any kind of location that can hold a crowd of 100-1000 people.

    This website is obviously a work in progress but for photos and info on past shows feel free to follow the links above or to the left to our instagram and facebook pages.

Give ‘em a hand:

    Do you know any people or organizations in South America that you think would appreciate such a visit? Let them know about Clown the World or let Clown the World know about them. If it doesn’t happen for the next trip, hopefully it will for a future trip.

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